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“Whenever I reminisce, I know that the greatest risk, is giving up the fun for pay, I don’t want to live that way” ~ Brett Dennen: fashion, Sens games, and more!

In at the buzzer for November are a few quick thoughts. There is a great deal about fashion that goes over my head. Going back to old school Kanye, I feel the line about how ‘I can’t even pronounce nothing, … Continue reading

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“And I can spend a lifetime searching for someone to blame, but don’t look back, don’t feel ashamed. Oh cause now is exactly the time, to be out on your own again” ~ Noah & The Whale: Life in DC, the Socratic Method, 9:30 Club, Online Dating, and more!

Apologies for no September post; I was very busy. Moving to DC, landing some work and creating a place for myself here as well as meeting a lot of new people and some old ones too-well it takes time to … Continue reading

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“I’ve been singing you this song, inside a bubble, been zorbing through the streets of Cali” ~ Stornoway: Southwestern America Road Trip, Part 3.

Let’s continue with the adventure! We left CCMAMC University College on Sunday evening heading west to the coast to stay at my friend Mark’s place in Santa Monica. Having never been to LA, I was expecting it to be a labyrinth of … Continue reading

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“I was left to my own devices, many days fell away with nothing to show…and if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you’ve been here before? Oh, how am I going to be an optimist about this?” ~ Bastille: 10 Julys Are How I’m Going to Be An Optimist About This

Song in title:  Jack Kerouac captured a popular sentiment when he wrote that life is holy and every moment is precious. That, a bit of Freud, attacking the frustrating irrationality of peak-end theory, and answering the repeated pessimistic question in … Continue reading

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“Somebody left the gate open, you know we got lost on the way. Come save us, a runaway train” ~ LP: Southwestern America Road Trip, part 2.

Song in Title:  Las Vegas has long been on my to-visit list-though it had never made its way to the top. One reason was I was always worried I may just have too much fun. The drinking, debauchery and gambling … Continue reading

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“Sound is the color I know, oh, sound is what keeps me looking for your eyes” ~ Beirut: Thinking about the news.

How unbecoming. I was supposed to write a post a month yet now find myself two months behind. Well, thanks to my current idle state, I should be able to pump some droll material out at a much better clip … Continue reading

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“Look across the great divide, soon they’re gonna hear the sound, the sound, the sound, when we come running” ~ Youngblood Hawke: Southwestern America Road Trip, part 1.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin. I mean, on a road trip, it’s mile 0 aka home. But when people ask about a trip, the answer is curt. In the case of my recent excursion, I say … Continue reading

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