A disclaimer & FAQs…couldn’t hurt to read this.

Disclaimer: My post’s opinions are simply those, opinions. While I am no great thinker, I am at least comparable to Socrates in that the only thing I really know is that I know nothing. Accept that as fact. Furthermore, while my blog may have facts interspersed to try and educate, my conjecture is based solely on personal experiences and solely for your entertainment. I do not intend to offend. I do not intend to insult. Simply, I intend to give you a glimpse of what I see, not what you might see for yourself if you were to come here.


Who are you? . . .Please, ask in person.

Why Wishdafishwasme? . . .Please, ask in person.

What is the photo in the background? . . .A downtown shot of Martvili & the Monastery on the hill overlooking it.

Why the lyrics with the titles of posts? . . .I am a musical person without any talent for it, sadly. So, the lyrics represent as close as I can come to sharing music with someone else. They are either loosely tied with the content of the post, something that simply stuck with me while running/walking, or a clever thing I heard while listening at another point and thought others should enjoy. In any case, I feel they are of the highest quality and hope you do too.

Is the blog meant to be educational or entertaining? . . .Both, but if you only find it one of the two, then that’s fine too.

Does the author still find the concept of a blog to be at least partially an exercise in narcissistic exhibitionism? . . .Yes. Yet, perhaps through cognitive dissonance the positives of possessing a blog no longer seem so trivial; rather however one stumbles across the diversity present in the world is surely a good thing, including reading things in a blog (not trying to sound deep, just realistic). Now excuse me, I’m off to check my blog stats.

1 Response to A disclaimer & FAQs…couldn’t hurt to read this.

  1. Mary says:

    I love your headings!!! Hope Georgians treat you well and please, do try to get the most of it :))) Also try to spend some quality time in Tbilisi – more fun!
    Take care

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