“Whenever I reminisce, I know that the greatest risk, is giving up the fun for pay, I don’t want to live that way” ~ Brett Dennen: fashion, Sens games, and more!

In at the buzzer for November are a few quick thoughts.

  • There is a great deal about fashion that goes over my head. Going back to old school Kanye, I feel the line about how ‘I can’t even pronounce nothing, pass that ver-say-see’ begins to hit on my understanding. However, there is definitely an unmentioned trend that I cannot help but notice: male shirts and checked box patterns. Note: I’m not talking Argyle. I’m talking the black on white in small boxes or the blue or red or green boxes. The point is, there are boxes everywhere. It’s like some kind of weird Picasso-inspired cubism is overtaking male fashion. Or maybe everyone just wants to rep M.C. Esher-style paintings as their garments. Crazy stairs/crazy squares…I should note that I have about three of these shirts myself.
M.C. Escher, fashion designer.

M.C. Escher, fashion designer.

  • The DC metro is certainly an interesting place. In a sense, each trip is a new adventure, sometimes not even on the train. Two quick examples: the other week I was walking up to the metro chewing a piece of gum. As I was approaching I saw a little adorable black child sitting with his mom outside. However, my attention stuck to him because he was making this weird open and closing motion with his mouth-basically as big as he could make his mouth go. As I got closer I realized he was staring at me and then I realized the child was, in the strictest sense, mocking me chewing my gum. Needless to say, it is quite good to have an unintentional etiquette lesson from a probable 3 year old showing you how stupid you look. Oh metro.
    Less pleasantly, during the workday cattle rush onto and off of the metro, there are often collisions and upset people. The other week, as I was preparing to go up the escalator with 40-50 other people in about a two foot space, I heard a woman quite agitated. Specifically, she yelled “You know, you could say ‘Please!’” This seemed a bit contrary to me: a woman yelling at others on their lack of manners (Irony or coincidence…I know where my money lies). However, I did not think it best to point this out to her. Oh metro.
  • Saw my first concert at the Black Cat with my friend Tara recently. The concert was with the band ‘He’s my brother, she’s my sister.’ First the bad: in comparison with the 9:30 club, the layout of Black Cat just isn’t as great. One kind of feels like they are walking into a low-ceiling high school gym for an unpopular dance. There are two bars on two sides (I do not recommend asking for the Dark and Stormy unless you want to punish your tastebuds), and before shows people are disinterestedly interspersed in front of a stage that is probably transportable. There is also a section in the back with the lights on and people looking glum and perhaps sentenced to prison. We called this the “Happy Section.”
    The good: the vibe presented by a good ol’ rock and roll band is pretty sweet and can overtake all of those concerns. It seems that Black Cat caters specifically to the up and comers and that’s good for price but also experience. What added to that ‘witnessing something new’ experience was that He’s My Brother, She’s my sister were on their last show of the tour and really put a lot into it. The song linked above was their conclusion and probably about 60 people (okay, maybe 20) were on the stage from different acts earlier in the night. Oh, not to mention one girl drums the whole time by standing on the drum and kicking her feet. Neat.

    He's My Brother, She's My Sister @ Black Cat

    He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister @ Black Cat

  • Who projectile vomits? Really?! Well, I suppose people super excited about going to hockey games….More details: the night before Thanksgiving I went with my friend Caitlin to the Washington Capitals – OTTAWA SENATORS GO SENS GO  game. It was probably about the 5th or 6th time I’ve gotten to see the Senators play live (I think their record in these games is 4-1 or 5-1, GO SENS GO) and I was going to be exceptionally happy simply because of that. However, to set the scene: I was meeting for Caitlin for a beer before the game next to the Verizon Center. We were sitting down and having some good conversation on recent movies (Dallas Buyers Club = phenomenal acting). At one point though, a group of friends near the bar took a shot that one of them was not a fan of. While I remember looking up wondering why someone’s face would turn into a volcano-like shape with full cheeks, I did not anticipate step two of the volcano process. Less than a second after I witnessed this contortion, all hell broke loose (well shot out of his mouth) and landed at our feet. No real damage (Caitlin’s boots…a little smudge on my jeans…a little bit of our pride)…but really, who projectile vomits? Filmed recreation here.
    Oh, and it was an amazing game. Sens won 6-4 after being down 3-1. Chris Neil also won one of the two fights. All of this pleased myself, a girl 10 rows in front of me wearing Senators clothes, and probably about 15 other people in the stadium. That’s the one thing I’ve learned about Caps games: there are a lot of Caps fans. Emphasis on a lot. Ah well, I think my cheering and excitement may have won over the Asian family to our right…or caused them to leave after the second period. GO SENS GO!

    Cheap Seats for SENS game

    Cheap Seats for SENS game

  • Finally, read this dated and overly optimistic take on the Vilnius Summit if you wish. Until December!
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