“And you fell and you fell, through the dark blue waters where you cast your spell, like you were just a wish that could turn out well” ~ Airborne Toxic Event: New year’s resolutions

I find New year’s resolutions both sensible and inane. Sensible because January 1st represents as much as a new start one can have. You have to buy a new calendar*, you get a little break from school/work, everyone is aware of the new start no matter where in the world or whatever their faith. No matter how hard you try to deny it-the new year is a brand new series of months, and that’s a fairly big deal. More than an Obama campaign, change is all around. Time to get off the wagon (or get on the wagon? I still don’t know) and quit drinking. Or, lose that 15 lbs with a new gym membership! If not, quit smoking while climbing that mountain you’ve always said you would. Yada yada yada.

Resolutions do go quite a ways back with even the Babylonians promising to repay debts or borrowed objects at the start of a new year. Yet, citing tradition does not always signify righteousness. My problem with resolutions is that one full revolution around the sun seems a bit of an arbitrary occasion for a meaningful change in one’s behavior. Personally, it seems that if you want to truly change, ignore occasion: let it come via self-actualizing moments that are independently achieved. If a spur like the new year is needed to change one’s self, it seems all the more likely that come March or April, you are likely to be among the 78% of people who do not keep their resolutions.

That rant aside, I did make a few New year’s resolutions. I simply believe not to make them Herculean in nature. They are still important-and I am happy that I kept my resolution last year-and I intend to keep the ones I’ve made this year…Just none of them happen to be, say, biking across America on a unicycle.

One resolution is therefore to write at least once a month in this blog. This blog started for my time in Georgia, moved over to my experience in Ukraine in the summer of 2012, but now will further evolve. I have no immediate plans to travel back to Central or Eastern Europe {sadly}, but writing is often cathartic, helps clarify my own thinking, and may even provide some good for others. After all, a guaranteed twelve entries means at least 12 high-quality lyrics to kick them off.

Speaking of lyrics/bands/New years/this post: Airborne Toxic Event from their New Year's Eve Show. Excellent!

Speaking of lyrics/bands/New years/this post: Airborne Toxic Event from their New Year’s Eve Show. Excellent!

So, though it’ll be a bit more scatterbrained, get ready for at least 12 posts in 2013-hopefully including a few more this month covering the Lingua Franca of America and the bitter-sweetness of being home.

*I think calendars truly are among the few inedible objects that you really, really can’t buy used. Shoes? Sure, you shouldn’t buy them used, but you can. Books? Please, the underlined parts are like personal cliff notes.
Calendar? Not happening.

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